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"Ręka Flauberta" w katalogu New Books from Poland

  • 2011.11.14

Katalog New Books from Poland / jesień 2011 przygotowany na Międzynarodowe Targi Książki we Frankfurcie przedstawia Rękę Flauberta Renaty Lis jako jedną z najciekawszych premier jesieni.

Renata Lis’ book is the biography of the distinguished French novelist, free from the constraints of any of the current fads in methodology, focused instead on the more or less enigmatic aspects of Flaubert’s life, sometimes the stories of minor details that might illuminate his work and also bring up all sorts of difficult questions. (...) Lis places Flaubert against the backdrop of the environs of Rouen, in the company of members of his family, friends and lovers, and within the setting of his travels to the East. But more than anything here she is trying to get to the bottom of his secrets, both in terms of physical secrets (his remarkable transformation from slender ephebe to hefty man) and in terms of professional secrets. The secrets of his work remain enigmatic: Lis lets us see Flaubert endlessly chiseling the style of his novels, and then “bellowing out” excerpts aloud to get the rhythm right, while she considers to what extent this programmatic “writer without a biography” actually saturated his works with biography, appropriately processed, of course. It is unclear whether the enigmas of Flaubert’s workshop have been fully worked out here. Nevertheless, the portrait of the artist is striking, full of life and humor, though not free from quirks and eccentricities, but painted with great skill and calling attention to Lis’ expert knowledge of the epoch, and the literary, cultural, and political contexts, of the remarkable hero of her biography. It is a book that is difficult to put down.

Jerzy Jarzębski

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